Pirate Parties

Ahoy there me Hearties!

Joint us aboard  for a  fun filled pirate party adventure!  Join as part of the captains crew to have a swashbuckling high seas adventure. The Pirate captain will have the youngsters getting fit by swabbing the decks and climbing the rigging before they embark on a treasure hunt for gold coins.

The trainee crew will ensure everything is ship-shape and any misdemeanour will mean walking the plank and jumping over awaiting sharks!

Pirate Training

The Pirate party will start with the apprentice pirates  learning how to say ‘Arrrrgh’ and   ‘Aye Aye Captain!’ before embarking on learning pirate skills such as how to climb the rigging, dig for treasure and hide from Tic Toc the crocodile ! Then its on to high seas adventures with lots of pirate themed games along the way!

Pirate Games include:

Walk the Plank A long thin plank of wood is placed on the floor and party-goers take it in turn to walk the plank forwards, backwards or even blindfolded! Make sure you don’t fall off the plank and get swallowed up by the sharks!

Captain Hook’s Hooks The birthday party guests take it in turn to see how much treasure they can scoop up wearing one of Captain Hook’s Hooks!

Pop-up-Pirate One pirate sits in the front of the room with his eyes closed. One by one his fellow sailors must slowly creep towards him. If the pirate turns round and catches them moving, they must walk the plank! The winner is the first person to touch the pirate without being caught.

Don’t Wake the Sleeping Pirate  The Pirate Captain host lies on the floor covered in treasure and the children see if they can steal the treasure before they wake him up

Tinkerbell’s Catapult.  The Pirate Captain is trying to throw away the treasure – quickly try and catch it before it sinks beneath the waves

Musical Islands Treasure Island mats are placed on the floor. Each island has a name. The music is started and the children swim round the islands, when the crocodile is spotted, the music stops and the children must swim to safety and land on a nearby island. The name of one of the islands is drawn out of a hat and any child or children on that particular “island” are out.