Fairy Parties

Young children are besotted with the idea of fairies and magic. Their belief in fairies at this age is really strong. Imagination is a wonderful gift and in a modern world this time of enchantment is taken away all too soon.  Extend this enchanted period of childhood by inviting a real life fairy to host your party or event.

A Fairy Party is of course set somewhere over the rainbow in the enchanted fairy forest where magical gatherings await for those who believe in fairies! We do, we do! We believe in fairies!!!

fairy Tinkerbell presenting the birthady cake

Fairy Party Day

Each magical  fairy party will incorporate glitter dust tattoos, bubbles, enchanting games, a birthday gift and so much more. Finally at the end of the Fairy party, it is time for a sprinkle of fairy dust and for the birthday girl to make her birthday wish ….as long as she believes in fairies of course!  A Fairy Party will have a gentle makeover with glitter tattoos and a few sparkles and then its off to the Fairy Academy.

Party Games

  • Fairy Host.
  • Fairy Party Tag.
  • Fairy School.
  • Fairies love the outdoors and weather permitting a fairy treasure hunt can be arranged.
  • Fairy Scavenger Hunt.
  • Mini Face painting or glitter tattoos
  • Magical Fairy Wish
Fairy Tinkerbell

Cute Pink Cartoon Fairy

Scavenger Hunt

  • Something fuzzy 
  • Two kinds of seeds 
  • Something round, straight, rough and smooth 
  • Two different types of leaves 
  • Something that makes a noise 
  • Something green 
  • Something you think is beautiful  
  • Something you think is a treasure

Party Food

  • Fairy Wands. Long pretzel sticks dipped in melted chocolate and then covered in sprinkles.
  • Fairy cup cakes. Buy or make plain cup cakes. Carefully slice off the tops horizontally. Cut the tops in half to form the fairy wings. Place a small blob of icing on top of the cakes and replace the wings setting them in an upright position. Sprinkle with icing sugar.
  • Teeny weenie sandwiches. Use a flower shaped cutter and use tooth picks to eat them.
  • Ballerina Tutus. Pink meringues filled with pink cream and sprinkles
  • Fairy Bread. Lightly butter white bread, spread with lots of sprinkles and cut into triangles.
  • Magical Toadstools. Put strawberries on the end of small BBQ skewers and then stand upright on a large piece of florists foam.
  • Fresh-fruit wands.
  • Strawberry marshmellow toadstools.